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Kremesa CR8T Helicopter

Includes lamps,mounting tray and psu. 2 available Full adjustable heads


Tas Mini Ultrascan mk.2 Package

Package includes 4 Mini Ultrascans mk.2 c/w lamps

Features: 8 colours inc uv filter, 4 fixed gobos, 4 rotating gobos (interchangeable) msd200 lamp.

               Dmx, 0-10v or dedicated Tas controller


Fal Italy Crocodile

This classic projector from 1989/90, was found in multiples,in most nightclubs from that era, contains twin lamps (not included) to give twin sets of interweaving beams, also automatically sound activated (adjustable)

Lamps required are 2xhorseshoe 1000w or any lamps with standard GY 9.5 base.

Projector is fully working, twin fan cooled, all metal body in used condition. 3 AVAILABLE


Studio Due Crazy Moon SOLD

Without doubt "the" moonflower effect. An extremely bright lamp and quality optics create 100 very concentrated beams of coloured light in a 30 degree arc, which are swept around in sync with the music. Inc. rackmount controller with a non-volatile memory to retain the user-programmed positions and programmes. Lamp is a high pressure HBO200 mercury lamp,(brand new in box), driven by a switchmode power supply, providing in excess of 80% efficiency and over 1000hrs lamp life.


This highly rare  projector was originally imported by Lightfactor and was £3000 inc vat when new in 1990,


Coemar Bello SN500 SOLD

Multi-axis central effect. Off axis suspension produces a brilliant, tumbling cartwheel of light.

This deluxe version features a silver grey body as opposed to the standard white version with Fabolux 55v 500 halogen lamp.It includes a little used SN440 discharge lamp, fan cooled, separate circuits for motors, lamp and fan. Also this model has a built in dichrohic colour wheel so no filters required. Very bright sharp coloured beams, fully working, this has been in storage in our warehouse for 8yrs, and is circa 1985/86. Ultra rare, ultra special! More pics in Gallery.


Kremesa Star CR 12/36

Available soon is this mega rare Star from Kremesa, includes Kremesa controller for all circuits and speed/direction of tumble motor. Inc. 12x 12v par 36 lamps all motors tested and working. Fully adjustable heads


Kremesa Neptuno CR20/3G Spotlux

Another rare effect from Kremesa, this ufo type unit combines top and bottom spin motors and a side tumble motor to give a myriad of effects,from a slow hover, through a whirl of fast, spinning light, to anup and down and side to side switchback! Fitted with 20 12v 50w 2000hr capsule lamps.Heads fully adjustable This late version inc. original Kremesa Spotlux fittings with integral neon lamp failure indicators. Benefits include more powerful beams than traditional 12v 30w lamp, more importantly, huge weight saving, vastly extending the life of the motors. All later Kremesa motorised effects featured the Spotlux upgrade.


Lampo Krypton 1 MSD200 SOLD

Lampo Krypton 1, customised with rare Tas circular lense hood, instead of the standard Lampo flat beam hood. Uses an MSD200 discharge lamp for clean, sharp colourful beams.

All carbon brushes and slip rings in excellent order as are all the 3 motors, with no shaft wear. Lamp control gear (ballast and ignitor housed in the top motor (all original Lampo)

Later version of this model was re-named Astro 3, the only difference being that it came with a standard 240v 500w CP82 Halogen lamp

A superb vintage effect from 1985


Coemar Bello 750AL ALL SOLD

Available now are these Coemar Bello 750al. Upgraded to 1000al, these are fully working and include brand new lamp. They are all in good clean condition. Inc original multipole connectors


Kremesa CR1AL & CR4N

Kremesa CR1AL pinspot, includes rare original Kremesa CR4N colour wheel and motor.

All fully working inc new 6v 30w par 36.

Originally used for mirrorball illumination



Available soon, this ultra rare British centrepiece, circa 83/84 consists of 3 revolving spheres, each with 8 par 36 lamps, fitted to a revolving base plate. Inc seperate psu for lamps.

All 4 motors are in superb condition, effect has been in storage for over 20 years.

Currently under refurbishment

Probably the only one left in the world!!



Kremesa CR4C Quadspot Cluster SOLD

Four swivelable pinspot fittings on a common baseplate. Particularly useful for lighting entrance foyers, seating areas, etc These unusual and rare fittings from Kremesa are all in excellent condition, and include gel clips and integral transformer.

8 Available. 


Apollo Climax DMX

A central rotating mirrored pyramid, deflects beams from two seperate sources. Colours and gobos change, strobing, rotating and contra rotating. Uses two 24v 250w M33 lamps. 9 colours and gobos, adjustable yolk. DMX or stand-alone operation. Recently refurbished with two new transformers fitted. Twin cooling fans. Weight:18kg. Circa 1997.


Clay Paky Astrobeams

This classic (circa 1985) and unique effect can be wall or ceiling mounted. 103 lenses randomly fire and repeat razor beams of light, slicing through the darkness. Spectacular effect with just one centre 24v 150w lamp. Weight 19kg

C/W original quick release mounting tray.


Gamma Master Sensor SOLD

From the makers of the Kremesa Krypton controller, this  Master Sensor (circa 1989)  has the same layout as the mk.2 Krypton controller, but there the similarity ends. The controller is essentially a programmable 16 channel low voltage touch sensor, with several unique features. These include the facility to programme and playback in realtime, four independant enable sensor pads, and four memory banks with 16ch memory monitor display. The Master Sensor also offers ergonomically designed raised and illuminated sensor pads, and a comprehensive audio activation facility. The four memory banks can each store 256 steps of single or preset group sequences. 19" rackmount, fully working, £1050 when new. Front panel: 483mm x 176mm


Coemar Bello MSD250 SOLD

Just recommisioned is this Coemar Bello. Upgraded from 750al to MSD250 discharge. Fully working with original multipole connector, carbon brushes in excellent order


Kremesa B60 Lunar 10 Double Cosmos

Just arrived, is this very rare Kremesa double cosmos centrepiece which has been in storage for 20yrs. Comes with original mounting plate. This effect has been run up and briefly tested, all motors working fine. Pics to follow


Fabtronic Starball

Fully working, inc M33 lamp


Bose 802W MK2 

Rare and sought after, immaculate unmolested condition, used as demo pair in music shop from new, then put into dry strorage until now. You will not find a nicer pair

Pics to follow


Lampo Wheeler Disc 2 SOLD

For restoration. Seperate transformers in base run the two 10 lamp discs, one requires a rewind, or could be reconfigured to be wired direct, as there are 20 12v lamps. Also missing 4 lamp retaining rings. I have had this running  recently, and all four original motors are running (1x top motor, 1x tumble motor, 2x contra rotating disc motors). For further info, please email me.


WANTED Mini Mac Flush Mount Brackets 

Iam looking to purchase a small number of Martin MiniMac Flush Mount Brackets. Please email me if you have any for sale.


Lampo Littlestar Scanning

For restoration, all complete inc pcb, original Crouzet motor in base. I had this running briefly, motor working, new micromotor fitted to lamp housing, but now wont turn. I do not have the time now to investigate further due to time constraints


Clay Paky Astrospider

Clay Paky Astrospider, later model, with stengthened chassis, removed from nightclub in 2003 by myself, and in storage until now, excellent condition, smooth, quiet motors, dust included!