High Quality Rental Packages (Installed Sound & Light) NB: prices listed are for long term installation, but most equipment can also be hired on short term basis for your event.

PACKAGE 1* : £70.00 per week
4x Bose 802 mk.2 Mid/Hi Speakers (c/w mounting hardware)
4x Bose 302 mk.2 Bass Speakers
1x Bose System Controller
3x Cloud VTX 1500 Amplifier (c/w equipment rack)

4x JBL 2355 Horns 2" Beyma
4x Martin Audio MH212 Philishave Mids
4x Martin Audio S2 Bass Horns (JBL Loaded)
1x BSS MCS200 or Rane AC23
1x Rane ME15 EQ
4x Crown Macrotech Amplifier

PACKAGE 3* ; £150.00 per week
4x JBL SoundPower SP212-9 Mid/Hi Speakers
4x JBL SoundPower SP128-S Bass Speakers
1x JBL DSC 260 Digital System Controller
3x Camco Vortex 6 Amplifier

PACKAGE 4* :£70.OO per week
4X EV Motivator 2 Mid/Hi Speakers (c/w harness)
4x EV TL118 Bass Speakers
1x Rane AC22 System Controller
1x Rane ME15B EQ
2x Bell PCX 9028 Amplifier


2x OHM BR-215S Bass Cabinets (1000w 4ohm each)
6x Logic Systems 15"JBL + 2"Beyma Installation Cabinets (400w each)

MOBILE SYSTEM £50 per week
2x OHM MR450 18" Bass Cabinets
2x OHM MR228 Mid/Hi Cabinets inc poles
1x Furman TX Crossover
1x Cloud GR1500 EQ
2x Ramsa Amplifier
1x Equipment Rack & Cables

*Installation cost extra,terms & conditions apply, most equipment can also be hired on a daily basis inc. engineer,for your event,please email for more details. Prices shown are for a min 3 month period

Clay Paky Astrospider £30 p/wk
Clay Paky Golden Scan 1 (8 in stock + Masterpiece 48 PMX & Screen Driver)
Martin CX-4 Colour Changer (10 in stock) £10 p/wk
Clay Paky Stage Light 300 (4 in stock) £20 p/wk
Clay Paky Golden Scan 2 (4 in stock) £15 p/wk
Clay Paky Astrobeams (4 in stock) £15 p/wk
Anytronics Megastar/Deathstar Strobes (12 in stock) £10 p/wk
Tas Synchro & Controller (5 in stock) £25 p/wk
Tas Mini Ultrascans mk.2 (4 in stock) £10 p/wk
PR Pilot 150 Moving Head 4 in stock £15 pwk
Mode Arcline & controller (40 lengths in stock)
Martin Pro 2000 Smoke Machine £15 p/wk
Jem ZR/ZR Club 20 Smoke Machines £10 p/wk
Mad Power Flower HTI150 (8 in stock) £10 p/wk
Martin 218/518 scan ( 4 of each in stock) £10 p/wk
Martin MX4 scan (32 in stock) £10 p/wk
Coemar Comet (2 in stock) £20 p/wk
Martin Minimac (8 in stock) £15 p/wk

Martin Lightjockey 2 USB £25 p/wk
Martin 2518 dmx controller £10 p/wk (2 in stock)
Martin Freakie dmx controller £15 p/wk (2 in stock)
Martin MC1 Controller £10 pwk
Martin MC Showtime Controller (MX4) £15 pwk (3 in stock)

LIGHTING RIG: Available for your event/promotion,Trilite rig with 4 or
6 legs and central span.Can be hired on a daily basis.


Formula Sound PM80 c/w limiter £15 p/wk PM-80 12CH £25 p/wk
Cloud CXM M2 Club Mixer £20 p/wk
Technics SL1210 Turntable £15 p/wk
Cloud CXM 12CH M2 Club Mixer £25 p/wk
Pioneer DJM 700 Mixer £25 p/wk
Formula Sound AVC2 £10 p/wk
Denon DN-4500 CD Player MP3 £20 p/wk
Denon DN-4500MK2 CD Player USB £25 p/wk
Pioneer CDJ350 Pair £40 p/wk
Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 Pair £40 p/wk